Housewares and Gardening

Unique Housewares and Organic Gardening 

Quality Housewares

Griffis Lumber has a large selection of all natural cleaning products.  Chemical free and environmentally safe products. 
We also carry Miele brand vacuum cleaners and vacuum bags and filters. 

Start Your Organic Garden Today

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables starts with an organic garden. Browse our selection of all-organic seed brands when you visit our store.
Would you like to make a special order from any of those vendors? Get FREE shipping if you let us order it for you in our store. Rare seeds are also available.

Now that you have your seeds, you need the right gardening tools and fertilizer to help them grow. Griffis Lumber carries Vermont Compost products which are great soils to start your seeds in.  We also carry seed starting trays and Cowpots.
fresh garden carrots

Canning and Food Preservation

Enjoy your harvest during the winter. We carry Ball and Weck canning jars for all your canning needs.  Stop in and look at our different styles of fermenting pots. 

We carry Kitchenaid stand mixers along with many of the attachments that can be instrumental in slicing, dicing or spiralizing your fresh produce.

Siberian coolers are also sold here for your convenience.
fermentation crocks
 Enjoy FREE shipping on your seeds special order.
Siberian cooler
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